Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

56 Blog Post Ideas for every niche

This post is for every blogger who has no idea what to write about or who is looking for inspiration.
I have listed you 56 Blog Post Ideas for every niche: Blogging, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior and Food. Feel free to use this topics and get inspired!

What to write about on my blog ideas

1.Html Cheat sheets
2.Your bloging routine
3.How do you plan your blogging ideas
4.How do you overcome your blogging blues
5.Share your tips for better pictures
6.Share your blogging story

1.You all time favorites
2.Your natural beauty treatments
3.Your favorite products from a brand
4.Compare 2 products with each other
5. Your products to pamper yourself
6. A "no make up" Look
7.Typical beauty treatments from your country
8. Online beauty shopping - yay or nay?
9. Your worst beauty mistakes
10.Share your hairstyles for the hot weather/sports

1.Your fashion No gos
2. What should join your wadrobe this year/season
3.Your favortie Look of this season
4.Your favorite pieces in your wadrobe
5.Where do you like to shop the most?
6. 5 Ways to wear _______
7.Shopping on a budget?
8.Create an outfit for an "oriental night"
9.Show your shoe collection
10. Let a man shop your outfit and show it

1. Share your favorite bloggers
2. What do you do when you feel down
3.What is the stupidest thing you spend money on?
4.Your side hustle ideas
5.Books that changed your life
6.A DIY Project
7.Apps that help you organize your life/blog
8.Show how to organize a ladies night
9.Create and share a Motivation board
10.Look for or create a challenge and write about it

1.Show something selfmade
2.Your blogging space
3.How do you clean and organize your home?
4.What projects do you have for your home?
5.Show the decoration of a room.
6.What decorating failures did you make?
7.What kind of art do you prefer for home
8.What do you change in your home when the season changes?
9.What style do you prefer for your home?
10.How to use plants right for your decoration?

1.Show your favourite recipe of the season
2.Show a healthier version of a dish
3.Your mom's favourite cake
4.Share some quick snack ideas
5.What are your favourite spices and what do you use them for?
6.Share how to cook a dish from a restaurant
7.Share your favourite dessert when you are having a bad day
8.Ladies Night: what food to bring
9.What to take to a barbecue except meat
10.How do you organize your recipes?

Ich hoffe die Ideen gefallen euch und ihr findet etwas, was euch gefällt!



  1. Danke für die Liste! Sowas kann man ja immer brauchen.
    Im Moment habe ich zwar mehr Ideen als Zeit zur Umsetzung, aber da das sicher irgendwann wieder anders aussieht, habe ich deinen Post auch gleich abgespeichert.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. hilfreiche Liste, vor allem die "potenziellen" Lifestyle-Posts klingen gut.

  3. Toller Post liebes! :) Die Ideen sind super!!!
    Liebste Grüße, Meli ♥
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du mal vorbeischaust!*.*

  4. Ein paar wirklich gute Ideen :) Hab mir gleich welche notiert falls mir mal wieder die Ideen ausgehen :P

    Liebe grüße Eva


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