Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Review: Sleek Makeup Vintage Romance Palette

As you may know there are sometimes very good deals on amazon. This time I found a special offer for a Sleek Makeup package that includes two lipglosses, one blush and an eyeshadow palette.
Today I will show you the eyeshadow palette that is called "Vintage Romance Palette". It has 12 different vintage shades with quite cute names and a beautiful package.

Swatches Sleek Vintage Romance Palette


Freitag, 19. August 2016

My trip to Russia: Get to know Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan

 Kazan City

As you may now I spent my time being in Russia for 10 days. My first stop was the Kazan city and the second stop was Moscow. In Kazan I stayed only about 2 days. It is actually the city I was born in and I have not visited it for 8 years. So much has changed in this city in a positive way.
Unfortunately, just a few people who don't live in Russia have heard about the city. However, Kazan is the 8th biggest city in Russia, the captial of Tatarstan and has an important role in the Islamic Life of Russians. Maybe you won't travel to this city, so let me introduce you to my home city.


Freitag, 5. August 2016

My trip to Russia: What is in my beauty case?

I hope i am sitting in a safe plane while this post is going online.
I can not believe it worked out for me and I can actually travel for about 9-10 days. This time it is a "back to the roots" trip. I will visit my home town Kazan where I have not been to for 8 years now.
I hope the weather is way better than here in Germany. It keeps on raining and the sky is grey all the time.
As a girl I have to admit I need some of my beauty products when I travel. So let's take a look into my beauty case for my trip to Russia


Dienstag, 2. August 2016

Primark Pinsel Review

Nach Jahren bin auch ich endlich im Pinselfieber angekommen. Viele Produkte habe ich tatsächlich immer mit Fingern aufgetragen und bei einigen mache ich es auch immernoch. Bei anderen Schminkprodukten, wie zum Beispiel der Lidschatten oder Bronzer zum Konturieren (den habe ich nie mit Fingern aufgetragen) kam die Erkenntnis, dass es mit Pinseln tausend mal besser funktioniert.
Dennoch suche ich immer nach günstigen Möglichkeiten und probiere auch gerne Alternativen aus.
Hierzu hab ich mir bei Primark einen Lidschatten-Verblendpinsel und einen zum Konturieren geholt. Was für eine Erfahrung ich mit ihnen gemacht habe, möchte euch erzählen, da man ja leider nicht online bestellen kann bei Primark.

Primark Beauty 2016

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