Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Back to school: Bags you will fall in love with

Well even if I am in university now, I love the back to school season even if it turned into back to university season for me. I love the fact that something new begins and you can start the new education year with new power and motivation. Nevertheless, our most important accessory is the bag we take with us. Everything we need should be in there in order to make our new school or college year successful. So, I looked for some bags you will fall in love with!

What bag to wear for school


Last year in college I started wearing a backpack. It was the first time after about 8 years. The reason was that I had too much stuff I needed to take with me. And it was just too heavy to carry everthing in your hands. So I decided to use a backpack and it honestly changed my life. I was able to use my hands for other stuff than carrying and it felt so much better. That was the moment I fell in love with backpacks again after years. For the new season I looked for some classic and stylish backpacks that have enough space.

I would honestly wear them all.
You can just take everything with you what you actually need. The best part is that it does not seem that heavy on your back compared to your arms and it has really enough space.

Classic Bags

As I wrote in the text above: I was not into backpacks the last years. The reason for that was that I did not need to carry a lot of books with me or I had a locker where I left all my heavy books. One classic bag was enough for one book, one or two notebooks and some pencils. A backpack was just not necessary for me.


When it comes to bags I prefer classic one color bags because they are easier to combine. For school or college classic bags are perfect in order to look professional and focused. There are quite a lot of different classic bags that don't look boring but super stylish. I love dark colors because you do not see immediatly if they are dirty and they go with almost every outfit!

What bag do you choose for this season?



  1. Also ich habe auch in der Oberstufe vor 2 Jahren wieder zum Rucksack zurück gewechselt, da die dicken Bücher einfach zu schwer für eine Tasche auf nur einer Schulter waren. Auf dem Rücken ist einfach alles leichter :)

    Also ich mag auch schlichte, dunkle Rucksäcke und Taschen am liebsten - wird nicht so schnell dreckig und passt halt zu allem. Und sie müssen bei mir so groß sein, dass meine A4-Blöcke und Hefte ohne Probleme rein gehen.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. I love the backpacks you recommended! Nice post, can't believe we all have to go back to school soon :(

    xx mega


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