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Little Habits to level up your life

If you have the feeling of being stuck in life or you just feel like you want to level up, introducing new little habits to your life might be the solution. The hardest part is starting something new and leaving your comfort zone. Nevertheless, these little habits are super easy to adopt into your daily life and can add up to big changes.

Bossbabe Habits

Making your bed and tidy up 🛏
I think there is really a connection to your inner feeling when it comes to the space you live in. When your bed and your room/flat is messy, the feeling of coming home is actually not that cozy and peaceful. There are a lot of theories of how your inner state is connected to the messy level of your space. And I think we all felt that.
I live in a small room so if I go without tidying up for two days it already looks like a big chaos. The habit of making my bed and tidying up daily helped me to jump right into productivity instead of just getting this overwhelmed feeling.

Gratitude 🙌
We have been taught to set high goals, that we need to achieve something. So basically our mind is programmed that in order to feel happiness we need to get or achieve something. But sometimes it is a long hard way to go. Nevertheless, if you haven't reached your goals yet it doesn't mean you can't feel happy and grateful. It is important to recognize and focus daily on how far we have come and what we are already surrounded by and feel grateful for it. Replace fear and negative thinking with gratitude and optimistic thoughts.
Every evening I open my Graditude app and fill in 3 things I am grateful for. On bad days I challenge myself to write 5 things down. It helped me a lot to focus on the good things around me despite all the challenges I still have to face.

Meditation and Prayer 🤲
What we also need in our lives is something that calms our mind down, helps us get the inner peace and trust in the right timing. Of course there might be different ways for everyone of us to practice this but I think the most effective and common ones are meditation and prayer.
First of all, for me it is prayer. I think if you are a firm believer in god there is no connection that can get you more peace, hope, graditude and feeling of understanding like your prayers do. Short breaks during your days, just thanking, talking about your problems and wishes.
While prayer is having a profound trust, I think meditation helps to control your state of mind. You learn to let go of toxic thinking and focus on the now. You learn how to use breath techniques in order to calm yourself down. For example, I use short meditations during my lunch breaks when I start to stress over my To-do list.

Sleep and Work/Study Tracker 📊
As I started my habit tracker I also started tracking my daily sleep and study time.
I am very bad at sleeping and it is still a problem I need to figure out. However, the feeling of always not sleeping enough was making me insane. So, I started tracking how much I was actually sleeping. The result was that I noticed that my body is fine with 6 hours of sleep all by itself. This was the reason I began to switch up my going to bed times and when I needed to wake up. Instead of laying awake for two hours, stressing over the fact that I am not sleeping, I am able to actually use them now.
I decided to start a study tracker because I needed to have numbers of how much I was procrastinating even if I decided to really study the whole day. It can be used as a tool to help you improve your productivity and time management.

Skin Care Routine 💆
This year I kind of became a little more obsessed with skin care. The reason for this was probably that I am in my middle 20s , having a busy life and I still wanting nice skin by the end of my 30s. This means I have to take care of it NOW.
I have some amazing products but doing it on a daily basis instead of only when I feel like it, is completely new to me. Tracking this habit made me do it 5 times a week instead of 1-2 times.

Read and Podcasts 📚
A lot of times I feel like I want to get some knowledge but instead I spend a lot of time at my phone or at netflix. I needed a daily reminder of possibilities to get knowledge daily - as stupid as it might sound.
So, I made it my daily habit to read at least 10 pages a day. Furthermore, I try to listen to a Podcast or a talk on a daily basis. And it is actually amazing how many life changing advice and tips you get through it.
It is an easy daily habit to improve your knowledge and your growth.

Plan your day 📆
A lot of times I got up and had an idea of what to do but not really a plan. The result of it was that I got up to late or couldn't really manage anything during the day. It even made it hard for me to fall asleep thinking of all the things I still needed to do.
How do you change it? Making it a daily habit to plan your day the day before. Writing down appointments and a To-Do List. You should free your mind from the fear of forgetting something and the feeling of a To-Do clutter.

On Sundays I will share with you things that I loved and inspired me during the week. You get a little sneak peak of what I am watching, reading and listening that might actually help you step into the new little habit game!


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