Sonntag, 15. September 2019

Sunday Chapter 1

I love Sundays. Sleeping in, having a good breakfast and just enjoying the day. The perfect day to read or watch something, to start dreaming and rethink some strategies.
I want to help you to get what you need this sunday.

Inspring things for sundays
  • I love listening to and watching Ted Talks and this kind of videos. So I came across this talk by Miki Agrawal and it was one of the most inspiring talks I have heard in a very long time.
    You have to listen to her story and buisness concept by yourself. She is a truely inspiring person connecting her buisness with helping other people.

  • Read: "I tried Megan Markles Morning Routine for a Week"
    I really love Megan Markle since I saw her on Suits. I came across a blog post talking about her morning routine and the experience of doing it. I think it might be a struggle to find the motivation and consistency at first but will have a huge impact in your life if you do.

  • Ever asked yourself what to do with dried flowers? Try this!

  • Podcast: The Ikonns are one of my most favorite to ones to listen to. Their episode  "Getting outside your comfort zone" will open your eyes why you feel a certain why or struggle with certain things. If you don't feel comfortable where you are right now - listen to this!

  • Is it time for Netflix yet?
    If you are looking for something funny that makes you forget your problems: Try watching Chewing Gum. The humor is very extra but this is the reason I enjoyed watching it. The real life is serious enough, so please make me laugh.
    If you want something with more information: There is a new Series "The Mind Explained". The episodes are only about 20 Minutes long and cover different topics about your mind. Very interesting to actually know what is happening inside your mind.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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