Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019

Sunday Chapter 2

A new Sunday is here it is all about getting ready for the new week ahead. I have some new inspiring content for you in order to have a motivating new week.

bossbabe sunday

Short Hair Styles
I am a girl who had long hair her whole life. 2 weeks ago I cut it short and I love it! However, you need to get used to it when it comes to styling. I found this video with cute ideas to try!

Don't forget your creativity
Last week have been a major creativity boost. Writing a lot, painting and making cute photographies. We all need a way to channel our inner creativity that we had as a child.  It is an important part of new thinking patterns in your life. As it gets cold and rainy outside it maybe the new thing for you to try this fall season.

Write your vision
I came across a video of Steve Harvey and felt his words. Try the challenge he mentions in his video. I think it is truely life changing.

Netflix: Girlboss
I read the book a long time ago and even published a review on the book here. Now, the series is available on Netflix and I looove it. I think we all have been at a point in our lives when we asked ourselves what's even the point when it comes to buisness, money and private problems. This will give you new optimistic thoughts and a good laughter.

I always need background music while working on or planning something. I have been listening to this Music the whole week. Love the vibes it creates.

Hope you have a nice sunday!

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