Montag, 2. Dezember 2019

My December Bucket List

When the year comes to an end, there is some kind of excitement flourishing in me. I love the fact that there is not much time left for this year but you can still make some things happen.
So, today I am sharing my bucket list with you!

December Bucket list 2019

I already started working on my December Bucket list and maybe this was the true reason to write it down. Winter time is Harry Potter time for me. This is why I have already watched the first two movies. There is nothing more relaxing than getting lost in the magic world, while laying in your cozy bed. Do you feel me?

What I really need to do this month is to plan my upcoming trip to Panama. Therefore, I should really start learning Spanish. It is such a pity that I have close Spanish friends and still don't speak the language.
However, besides the trip to Panama I have a strong feeling of wanderlust. So, I am thinking of doing a city trip as well.

I had a weekend trip to Berlin in October where I ate some Russian Napoleon Cake. I am oppsessed with it. It was so delicious but the homemade cake tastes like heaven. December is the month of my sister's and my best friend's birthday and there is New Years eve too. So there are enough reasons to make the effort of doing the cake all by myself.  Don't worry, I will share the recipe with you guys.

Nevertheless, I don't celebrate Christmas. There for, Christmas Holidays are really just free time for me. I feel like this is the right time to start an art project and binge read a few books.

What is on your December Bucket list?

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