Montag, 2. Dezember 2019

Sunday Chapter 4

I can't really believe December is already here. Summed up, I am so ready to wrap myself into a warm blanket and sweaters, enjoy the christmas lights and feel all cozy.

Sunday Inspirations Posts

Netfllix: One Strange Rock by Will Smith. A Documentary Series about the world we live in and the space around us. It is so mind blowing that you will keep thinking of it days after watching it

I think now it is time for some really good Movies. Here is a cute post with  Christmas Movies.
However, I feel like December is the perfect time to start rewatch Harry Potter. Who has started already?

As the year ends, I think there are two nice things to  do: Write a bucket list for the things you want to do this year and a bucket list for next year! Nothing is more pleasant than things to be looking forward to.


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